[mythtv] Feedback on Ideas

DISAFAN disafan at aim.com
Sun Oct 28 00:22:58 UTC 2007

I had the following ideas for improvements based on my issues with
importing digital channels. I'm seeking commentary as to whether they
might be good ideas to push through the system.

1. The new channel_icons.pl does not have a function to set a channel
icon manually from the command line if you've found one it hasn't. I do
that using MySQL directly, but it would be helpful to add it to the command.

2. For that command, I see no way to advise it of the location of
alternate icons for a channel...ie supplying a URL. How is the
services.mythtv.org server/services meant to evolve in the future?

3. Mythtfilldatabase allows you to run the update on a sourceid, but not
a sourceid/channel combination. This would also be a useful feature to
reduce load while trying to debug incorrect XMLTVID to Digital channel

4. A manual digital channel entry function in MythTVSetup, if one hasn't
been proposed, that would, instead of auto-scan, allow you to specify a
frequency in Hertz(or equivalent channel number), a serviceid, and add
it in. The Channel editor doesn't seem to have this type of function for
digital channels, and considering the problems I've had, it would be
easier if this could be done.

Thoughts? Comments?

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