[mythtv] avermedia M150-D

Sam Logen starz909 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 03:07:44 UTC 2007

Hi everyone,

I've been discussing with others from linuxtv.org and
the mythtv-users mailling lists about getting this
particular hardware to work.  Well, it seems that
there's only success with getting it to work with
mythtv if I roll back my drivers to pre-2.6.20 kernel
drivers.  I can't do that though.  I have a DVB
capture card that relies on the latest v4l repo
drivers.  Besides that, my system is running with
better stability and efficiency on the 2.6.22 series

Now, it seems that something was done in developing
the 'blackbird' conexant module that broke its
compatibility completely with mythtv.  Following the
instructions in mythtv's wiki site to get the
avermedia hardware encoder card to work results in a
black screen and an unresponsive mythfrontend.

You should note, though that I am NOT using mythtv
from SVN, but from the latest gentoo ebuild, so if
this problem was fixed in the SVN tree, then I

When I configure this card in mythtv as an MPEG
hardware encoder card, the mythtv log file displays an
error associated with IVTV.  Since this card is not an
IVTV card, it seems that mythtv is mis-identifying it.
 Now, with the older drivers, Rod Smith from the
mythtv-users list says he can get the card to work
albeit erratically in mythtv, but he does get the same
errors in his log file.  When I can get to the system,
I'll forward the log file.

I'd like ask if any of you can look into the issue and
see if better support for this card, and other
blackbird cards can be added to mythtv.  I would
gladly help if I had the know-how.  All I can do is
test and send log files.  The cx88-blackbird module
has been rapidly maturing, and I think by now the card
will offer better operation.

Again, if this subject is being worked on, or is
solved elsewhere, or if the project was just dropped,
then I apologize.

Thank you all for your time and patience,


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