[mythtv] MythVideo OSD?

San Mehat san.mehat at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 22:37:09 UTC 2007

Hey man,

  In a previous thread I talked about the design approach I'm taking with
the new 'vex browser' I'm adding to mythvideo. Essentially, rather than add
the concept of a 'series', I went with a tagging approach where the user can
create 'virtual folders' or 'views's on any of their video contents by tag..

Expressions like these are currently supported:

movie & horror
tv show &  animated & the simpsons
movie & horror & wes craven

you get the idea...

I actually have it working although I have some large cleanups to do (as
well as implementing the context menus). and I've been a bit busy the last 2
weeks... its coming along though... ;)


On 10/16/07, hendrixski <hendrixski at storsint.com> wrote:
> Someone had mentioned the idea of a "series" in mythvideo.  That kind of
> stirred my imagination, and I thought: hey, you could browse through
> your folder the same way you channel surf.  So it'd be cool to see
> what's in the folder from an On Screen Display, and skip to another
> video in said folder.  How is that mythvideo project with the "series"
> coming along actually?
> I'm looking through the source code on doxygen to see how the regular TV
> does it.  Is it the TV:: class that has all of the creating/maintaining
> OSD functionality that I would want to mimic in this?  I'm not sure if
> there isn't already a better way to do this, like if there's a higher
> level fašade to creating OSD's.  I ran grep -R "OSD" and related
> searches through mythplugins/ and found nothing useful.
> Anybody have any advice?
> - Hendrixski
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