[mythtv] Backend crashes almost daily

flo flo at flobittner.de
Tue Oct 9 21:13:58 UTC 2007

I'm not sure about anything :-)

It's only a backend, all frontends are seperate machines. I did NOT restart 
the whole machine, only gdb with mythbackend. 

After the last crash i did a sql query like this: "update channel set 
useonairguide=1 where mplexid in (select distinct mplexid from channel where 
visible=1)", in words: i set useonairguide=1 for all channels on any 
transponder i use. 
Before that, i set useonairguide=1 only on channels i used. That was the only 
change i made to the database. I thought the crawler perhaps doesn't like it 
if only some channels on a transponder accept eit data, so i changed it back.

And remember, i applied your fix in pespacket.h:

        VERBOSE(VB_RECORD, "AddTSPacket: Out of sync!!! "
                "Need to wait for next payloadStart" +
                QString(" PID: 0x%1, continuity counter: %2 (expected %3).")
-->        return false;

It's running for more then 48 hours now, EPG data is fully there.

I will report what happens the next days. If there's a crash i let you know 
If there's no crash until the weekend, i execute my old query (update channel 
set useonairguide=0 where visible=0) and test it.
After that i take out your fix and test it again.
If the crash then doesn't come back i call ghostbusters to clean up my 
home :-)

I hope the result of this tests gives us an idea what happens on my machine!

Thanks for your patience,

> Are you shure this is related ?
> Crashes in qt is frontend specific (i.e. the GUI) and should not happen
> in the backend ? I'm not sure this is the same issue. I'm away from my
> machine at the moment (am in las vegas at the mo) so can't check the
> code to verify, but this looks like a error in the signal monitor code
> as oposed to the previous eit scanner.
> Did you do a full restart of the front/back end ?
> Cheers
> D

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