[mythtv] Reduce polling

Craig Andrews candrews at integralblue.com
Sun Oct 7 02:56:33 UTC 2007

According to powertop, mythwelcome wakes up over 100 times/second.

The MythTV frontend and backend also have very frequent wakeups (145 and
75 times per second, respectively).

I think it would be great if we could reduce those wakeups to be very low.
Actually, when Myth is idle, I don't see why there should be hardly any
wakeups at all (perhaps to update the clock or ping a client/server).

In this ticket, http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3757, there is a patch
that does reduce polling significantly. I've been using the patch for over
a week on a frontend and a frontend/backend, and haven't seen any issues.

The second part of the polling seems to be due to a call to an obsoleted
QT method, qApp->enter_loop(). Seeing as how I'm not familiar with QT, and
I have a feeling this may be a deep problem, I stopped there.

Could someone take a look?


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