[mythtv] Aspect Question (svn -- probably a RTFM)

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I agree. This used to be possible, but since the -vid merge I haven't been
able to achieve it. 

I've always thought that 2 separate settings are required, although maybe
this isn't really necessary. I think that the current 'Zoom' setting should
only apply to 'non-native' broadcasts, ie 4:3 broadcasts on a 16:9 set and
16:9 broadcasts on a 4:3 set. At the end of the day, there should be no
scaling required on native broadcasts. 

With the current functionality, if I want to apply a zoom (to remove the
bars on 4:3 broadcasts) then I lose a whole chunk of my 16:9 picture too. 

Now, there may still even be a requirement for 2 settings, because there are
quite a lot of 15:9 / 16:10 boxes appearing on the market. In this case it
would be useful to have a separate policy for 16:9 or 4:3 broadcasts. Still,
if the rules are more like a 'policy' than a standard zoom amount, one
setting would suffice.

The following I would see as the options required:

Bars - Letter / pillar box
Clip - Fill the screen, maintain square aspect, clipping may occur
Half - Mid point between Bars and Clip
Stretch - For our fans of fat/thin heads

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David Frascone píše v Po 08. 10. 2007 v 13:26 -0400:
> So, looks like I'm just out of luck, unless I want to write something
> I'm thinking of a list of rules, and one extra zoom.
> Rules would be something like:  If the transmission is in 4:3, stretch to
> Comments?

I myself would use "if the transmission is in 4:3 and the monitor aspect
ratio is 16:9, zoom it to 14:9 (half zoom)". Similar thing could be
useful for the opposite situation - 16:9 transmission on 4:3 monitor.
The idea is to zoom partially to remove at least half of the black bars
while retaining as much useful information as possible (and also keep
the aspect ratio intact to not get fat faces). Basically to narrow down
the gap between the aspect ratios.

And I can imagine more radical people that would zoom to full to get rid
of all black bars in such situation. While some others would zoom and
stretch since they like fat faces and hate any black bars..

IOW, making this generic enough to satisfy everyone would require quite
bit of flexibility in the rules...


P.S. I wrote a patch for the half zoom described above some time ago but
funnily it works only for live TV but not for recordings. I must have
placed it incorrectly in the source code or have used wrong source for
the aspect ratio... But I don't care since the 'W' key now cycles
quickly through the zoom modes so after mapping it to my remote I am a
very happy zoomer :-)

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