[mythtv] dev and release builds on same machine?

Peter Schachte schachte at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Nov 6 02:37:50 UTC 2007

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:11 PM, Mark Rafn wrote:
>> Are there instructions somewhere for setting up the "standard"  
>> development
>> system alongside a production system
> Two *completely* separate systems is best, I think - especially if you  
> need to appease others in your house. You will be much better off for  
> it.

How about just setting aside a dedicated partition with its own complete file
system?  Then you don't share recordings or database or anything, but you also
don't risk messing up your production system.  Of course, you have to take down
your production system while testing/developing your trunk system, but a few
tens of gigabytes of disk space is probably enough for development, and is a
lot cheaper than a whole separate system.  Is anybody doing this?

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