[mythtv] Time to Vote? (as Re: Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign)

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Thu May 24 13:12:33 UTC 2007

Maryau Jeune wrote:
> Justin Hornsby wrote:
>> All of this consulting with the dev list isn't actually getting the
>> site redesigned, is it?
>> And FWIW, there haven't been any mockups yet I'd like to see replace
>> the current .org site - no - not even mine.
>> Just get on with it - stop consulting all & sundry & get the job done
>> - this is out of hand now.
> I'm sorry, I was simply going on Chris Petersen's advice to come and 
> participate in the discussion here, which did provide me with lots of 
> useful comments and suggestions.  But you do have a point, and I am not 
> sure where the actual site redesign stands at this point.

I don't think Justin was referencing directly to you, but to the
situation in general.

I think we are now at the point where design entries are finalised and a
Poll taken.

In the end it's up to Chris and Isaac to make the final choice, but
peoples opinions will no doubt help them come to their conclusions.

I know which ones I like best so a vote would be good (and no I do not
mean a vote on the Mailing list as that's just not going to work!!)

What say ye Sir Xris? Time to start things moving towards an implementation?



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