[mythtv] advice wanted - building my own remote control

Martin Long mythtv at longhome.co.uk
Tue May 22 21:30:30 UTC 2007

Couldn't have put it better myself. LIRC is a very powerful app, handling
many (any?) types of remote, and a range of receiver devices from simple
dumb serial line devices, to PIC based devices which have a certain amount
of intelligence built in. It means for one that you can build a very low
cost receiver, and use any old tv/video remote that you have hanging around.
Those who want something a bit more sophisticated - well it works for them

The HID option is a good idea though, would save a lot of messing around for
the novice user. 

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On 05/22/2007 03:02 PM, ryan patterson wrote:
> Personally I think lirc is a horrible program.  Way too complex for 
> what it actually does.

I think you mean, "Way too complex for someone who doesn't use it to its 
full potential."  :)

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