[mythtv] Segmentation Fault - Problems With Some Channels Only Help?

Mr Moo martin at luminoussheep.net
Mon May 21 12:34:27 UTC 2007

>> Are you using a compro card? Are you using the current stable release?
>> I believe there is a know issue that isn't going to be fixed in the
>> current stable release and may have been fixed in the development
>> branch.
>> It's to do with corrupt packets, seems most other cards don't deliver
>> corrupt packets.
> It is Lifeview Fly DVB-T card (SAA7134/TDA100046 based).  I am
> currently using the official 0.20.1 release.
> It may be corrupt packets as in the logs I posted there was a PES
> Packet CRC error and some ac-tex/invalid mb type in P Frame and MPEG
> motion vector out of boundary errors? Were these the same errors
> Compro users were getting?

Originally I was getting these during EIT scan:

But later it was during the livetv/recording only.
I'm afraid I just switched cards as my reception is 100% and I guessed the
card was just not so good.

> I will read up on debugging again to try to get a backtrace but it was
> a bit over my head though not being that familar with Linux.

Good luck.

It might be worth trying the code from head to see if it fixes your
problems, though it may introduce some new ones (such is life on the
bleading edge ;) )


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