[mythtv] gmyth livetv transcode support

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Thu May 17 19:34:58 UTC 2007


Melunko wrote:
> Hello there,
> I am part of the team that is developing gmyth library. We have had 
> interesting results to access several mythtv backend content remotely 
> and one relevant contribution was the livetv transcode solution we had 
> made based on gmyth, gmyth-stream and two different transcode engines: 
> mencoder and gstreamer. This set of SW allow us to play mythtv channels 
> remotely in any format we would like. This is particularly relevant for 
> small linux based devices with wlan capability that could consume Mythtv 
> content straightforward.
> We have tested this solution in our analog TV environment and it would 
> be very valuable to us if someone could try this solution in another 
> environment and contribute to gmyth. So, please, if anyone is interested 
> in this topic, be our guest.
> BR,
> Hallyson Melo

Interesting - let me ask so I can paste the pieces together in my mind. 
  Are you saying this new feature drops in place between the mythtv back 
end and a client to transcode the video?  So, for example, an mvpmc.org 
capable MediaMVP box (which can not handle the high BW of HD TV) can be 
detected and supported by offering it programs that have been transcoded 
to NTSC like BW?

I have this set up several times over and have been wondering how to go 
about creating the Mythtv code to detect and support such clients!

Tell me how to test your code and I'll set up a test.

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