[mythtv] gmyth livetv transcode support

Melunko melunko at gmail.com
Thu May 17 13:35:42 UTC 2007

Hello there,

I am part of the team that is developing gmyth library. We have had
interesting results to access several mythtv backend content remotely and
one relevant contribution was the livetv transcode solution we had made
based on gmyth, gmyth-stream and two different transcode engines: mencoder
and gstreamer. This set of SW allow us to play mythtv channels remotely in
any format we would like. This is particularly relevant for small linux
based devices with wlan capability that could consume Mythtv content

We have tested this solution in our analog TV environment and it would be
very valuable to us if someone could try this solution in another
environment and contribute to gmyth. So, please, if anyone is interested in
this topic, be our guest.

Hallyson Melo
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