[mythtv] Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz caskater47 at gmail.com
Tue May 15 08:44:27 UTC 2007

On 5/14/07, Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:
> Jean-Philippe Steinmetz wrote:
> > I've made a couple (very minor) updates to the original design:
> > http://caskater4.khram.com/MythTV.org_D1_TopLevel.png
> Nice change to make things a bit more subtle.
> > As well as added the second-level design:
> > http://caskater4.khram.com/MythTV.org_D1_SubLevel.png
> Though I like the overall lookfeel of the mockup, the elements
> (particularly the breadcrumb) are too disconnected.  There's nothing
> connecting related things (like the breadcrumb and the main menu) or
> differentiating them from the "page content", which leads my eyes to
> skip around, drawn to each element equally, rather than toward the main
> content on the page.
> Works fine for a main page where each section should be weighted more or
> less evenly, but not when you have to deal with a submenu and a
> breadcrumb.
> Also, I feel that I should inquire about the licensing on the artwork
> you use in the top section.
> -Chris

Good point with the breadcrumb bar. Interestingly enough that was not what I
first envisioned its layout would be. I've since revised some more.


I've toyed around with several ideas in terms of the left column and main
column and how to present them and feel that this is the most cohesive clean
design that does not break from the style. As for wandering eyes I don't
think this revision will cause much of a problem. The removal of the
breadcrumb box does make a big difference, at least for me.

Also I think I should clarify that the menu box is the sub-navigation for
that particular area and is not a redundant main menu. So if within the
About section, the About sub-menu would display. If the user navigates to
the History page and History has further sub-items, then a box with History
as the title and the subsequent menu items would be seen instead. To
backtrack out the user will use the breadcrumbs.

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