[mythtv] advice wanted - building my own remote control

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri May 11 11:13:29 UTC 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Nick Morrott wrote:
>> Using a rotary encoder for volume would be a nice ergonomically, but
>> could take up too much space on the remote depending on button size. I
>> wouldn't use it for channel changing, which should (IMO) be a clear
>> single up/down event. Just imagine the confusion MythTV could have
>> when trying to change channel (inherent tuning delay) when the target
>> channel keeps changing.
> Hmmm, I'm not sure. Perhaps is Myth is modified to show a splash screen
> (e.g. the channel's icon) while using a rotary channel changer could
> actually make for a very nice UI... Yes the tuning delay is there but
> moving quickly through a dozen channels would become very easy. If the
> rotary thing clicked (e.g. felt tactile) then it would be pretty easy to
> limit it to one channel in either direction.
> All that said the remote would be pretty crazy if it had this ;)
> Col
i have two ideas for the casing.

the first is solid oak - yes i know it sounds pretty stupid (and heavy) 
but it would match the cabinet that i have all the equipment in in my 
the idea would be to route the insides out of it from behind and poke 
the keys through holes in the front. i cannot but them up against each 
other because the switches that i have have legs on their sides which 
preclude that.
so i would route 12x12mm squares in the front. might be hard work to get 
everything lined up.

the second idea is to make it out of perspex and expose the internal 
gubbins to view
sort of like the original imac. a front and back sheet of perspex 
separated by spacers with the pcb in between.

in either option the encoder(s) would fit.

anyway, this is an experiment. i'll make somethign and see how it works 
in practice.
a set of 10 encoders (on ebay from china) are costing me $16. and that 
includes the knobs.


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