[mythtv] ATI Color issues

Bryan Mayland bmayland at leoninedev.com
Mon May 7 13:46:39 UTC 2007

Richard Wamsley wrote:
> I am using an ATI x1650 card in a laptop computer as a frontend system.
> I have the latest proprietary driver loaded (required for other things
> on this laptop).  When I try to watch live tv, or recorded tv the colors
> are mixed and swapped.  For example I don't see green I get purple or
> red.  When I go to watch recordings I get the preview in the bottom
> corner.  In this preview all the colors are accurate.  I have tried the
> xv setting and adjusting the hue and contrast, but I cannot get a
> combination that makes all colors accurate.  I either have blue, green,
> or red but never all three.  I have also copied the files over, and
> watched them through Xine and all the colors are accurate.  It seems
> like there is a process going on that isn't required since the preview
> is correct.
> I am using the SVN as of last weekend.
This is an ATI bug from what I hear.  It can be fixed by defining 
libs/libmythtv/videoout_xv.cpp (search for it and just uncomment it).  
You might also need to add the name of your Xvideo driver (as reported 
by myth when it opens it) to calc_hue_base in the same file.

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