[mythtv] DirectFB-1.0.0 [was -rc4], qt-embedded-free-3.3.7 [was 3.3.8]

Mike Gibson megibson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 15:52:47 UTC 2007

> Erie timing. I had actually abandoned the effort, but there's been
> some chatter over the last couple days about segfaults with qt 3.3.8.
> I saw a few in my last effort (qte-3.3.8), and they were possibly the
> main reason I abandoned it. I got to thinking it might be worth a try
> with qte-3.3.7, so I started the builds a short while ago. I'll let
> you know if it leads anywhere interesting.

That's the version that I'm using and it seems to be working.

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