[mythtv] add support for SQLite?

James Chapman jchapman at katalix.com
Mon Mar 5 14:35:35 UTC 2007

Isaac Richards wrote:
 > James Chapman wrote:
>> Anyways, the reason for my original post was to find out if anyone was
>> already working on SQLite so as to avoid doing duplicate work. It seems
>> no. So I'll go away and develop a patch.
> We don't really want to have to support multiple database types.  It's quite a 
> bit of extra work.  I _would_ like to switch to embedded mysql - that should 
> get us most of the largest benefits of moving to sqlite without the added 
> pain of reworking large amounts of code.

Rework large amounts of code? Wouldn't all of this be handled by the Qt 
SQL abstraction? I was thinking none of the SQL code of MythTV would 
need to be changed, unless perhaps an obscure SQL feature was being 
used. Maybe I'm missing something?

> If you're interested on working on that, instead of sqlite, I can write up 
> some quick docs for you on how I think things should work.  Or, just try to 
> find me on IRC (Chutt in #mythtv on freenode) and we can talk about it there.  
> I think you were on earlier, but I wasn't around then.

That would be good. Catch me on IRC.

James Chapman
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