[mythtv] Modification Request for mythfilldatabase --manual

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Thu Jun 28 08:26:57 UTC 2007

> It seems that mythfilldatabase is taking only one category
> in consideration when filling the DB from an XML file. 

Yes, sorta.

> If I my info is correct the XMTV specifications are allowing
> multiple categories.


> How did I notice this problem? I use jxmltv (a grabber for Belgium) and I
> import this file to Mythtv. This grabber converts "Movie - Comedy" to;
> <category>
> Movie
> </category>
> <category>
> Comedy
> </category>

The problem is Movie, that M misses the catType check: if (cat == "movie"

I've just committed [13774] which should fix this specific problem. It
doesn't introduce programgenres support (so still limited to one category
that isn't a "type").

Anduin Withers

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