[mythtv] Modification Request for mythfilldatabase --manual

Gaeremynck, Matthieu Matthieu.Gaeremynck at getronics.com
Thu Jun 28 07:18:31 UTC 2007

Dear All,

It seems that mythfilldatabase is taking only one category in
consideration when filling the DB from an XML file. If I my info is
correct the XMTV specifications are allowing multiple categories.

How did I notice this problem? I use jxmltv (a grabber for Belgium) and
I import this file to Mythtv. This grabber converts "Movie - Comedy" to;

This is imported to mythtv as movie and the notion "comedy" is lost
which is very annoying. I already had a discussion with the jxmltv
developer whichyou can follow on

So, or myhtv should be changed to support multiple categories or the
XMLTV specifications should be changed to allow only one category.

What do you think?



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