[mythtv] Time to Vote? (as Re: Official Thread: Mythtv.org Redesign)

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Fri Jun 22 08:40:24 UTC 2007

> IE 6 needs help.  Other browsers should be fine without scripting.

Ok, I hadn;t looked into what kind of CSS IE7 currently supports (using it 
myself only since last week...) Are there browser stats available for 
mythtv.org? Wouldn't be surprised if they are different from average :-)

> Yeah.  That's really my only issue.  I'm a big fan of certain key
> sections always being in the same place.  For instance, the links to
> different sections should always be in the same place on every page.
> Left-nav menus work great for this, but they can waste a lot of
> horizontal space if the page is long (leaving a big white space on one
> side or the other).

Given that more advanced CSS is expected for the menu anyhow, a fixed 
position for a left-nav menu should be doable, with a scripted CSS 
attribute for older IEs.

> Both can be skinned, but since mediawiki likes a left nav by default, it
> would be nice now to have to reinvent that, and just let our global
> site-specific stuff exist at the top.  Trac is almost entirely top-nav,
> which makes it easy to integrate with other top-nav layouts (take a look
> at the support/dev link on http://pidgin.im).

Mine has left and top, even more easy ;-) <minor pet-peeve>Surrounding an 
URL with <> makes it easier to click on the link, one of things I don't 
like about Thunderbird is why it can't  surround pasted URLs with them, as 
Mulberry does</minor pet-peeve>


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