[mythtv] MythMusic - Support for ipod/portable devices

Duncan Palmer dunk_palmer at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 11:29:34 UTC 2007

Just reading thru the trac ticket, it looks like a similar idea. I'll have a read thru the patches...

On the topic of the media monitor - I originally tried to use this, but
ran into a few problems, one of which was that the media monitor
couldn't always figure out what the active window was to post messages
to. This resulted in device connections not being reported correctly...

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Hi Dunk. I haven't had time to look at your patch yet,
but the approach:

> The approach I've taken is to implement 'music stores'. A store is  
> a source of data and metadata that is hot-pluggable. When a store  
> is connected, I load metadata from it into the myth database (i've  
> taken this approach as it means that stores fit neatly into  
> mythmusic, rather than requiring extensive special case  
> modifications such as those used to support cd's) - this allows a  
> store to be accessed just like the 'local music store' used by  
> mythmusic. In addition, stores provide an interface to allow tracks  
> to be added or deleted.

sounds similar to what Eskil Olsen proposed in #2598
(that I haven't been brave enough to commit yet)

See cdstore.patch in http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/2598

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