[mythtv] Watching currently recording program

Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Jun 16 08:31:30 UTC 2007

Nigel Pearson wrote:
>>> I only have 1 tuner so if its recording (a scheduled recording)  
>>> then of
>>> course when I select LiveTV the frontend plays the currently  
>>> recording
>>> show.
>> I take it I'm the only one who sees this problem then...
> Yes. On our machines, when recording, LiveTV
> will say "All available inputs are being used"
> I suspect incorrect tuner/card setup.
> MythTV probably thinks you have 2 cards.

Mine used to do that too, but the other day (after updating my svn for
the first time in a while) I noticed that if I entered live tv, it
started playing the program I recorded from the begining. Not sure if
this was because the last channel I was watching on live tv also
happened to be the channel I was recording or if this was the new

However I cannot confirm Robin's problem relating to the overlap "zone"
as I've not tried that/been unlucky enough to be hit by that.



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