[mythtv] Watching currently recording program

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat Jun 16 20:15:30 UTC 2007

> Nigel Pearson wrote:
>>>> I only have 1 tuner so if its recording (a scheduled recording)
>>>> then of
>>>> course when I select LiveTV the frontend plays the currently
>>>> recording
>>>> show.
>>> I take it I'm the only one who sees this problem then...
>> Yes. On our machines, when recording, LiveTV
>> will say "All available inputs are being used"
>> I suspect incorrect tuner/card setup.
>> MythTV probably thinks you have 2 cards.
> Mine used to do that too, but the other day (after updating my svn for
> the first time in a while) I noticed that if I entered live tv, it
> started playing the program I recorded from the begining. Not sure if
> this was because the last channel I was watching on live tv also
> happened to be the channel I was recording or if this was the new
> functionality.
> However I cannot confirm Robin's problem relating to the overlap "zone"
> as I've not tried that/been unlucky enough to be hit by that.

The behavior is correct in that it starts viewing the show thats being
recorded (from the start) provided I hit WatchTV during the scheduled time
of the program. If I hit WatchTV in those couple of minutes of extended
recording time then I get the black screen and back to the menu.

I assume its some part of the rule that determines that WatchTV (i.e. an
attempt to enter LiveTV) going to the currently recording program is
tempered by the scheduled run time of the program rather than the actual
recording state (just a guess).

By the way, I'm running r13654 SVN (was HEAD but the ffmpeg updates have
totally broken DVD viewing for me!).

If there is extra info I can supply then it would be worth opening a
ticket maybe?

Robin Gilks

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