[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #3363: TranslateKeyPress: prefer local action over jump point's

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jun 10 12:30:37 UTC 2007

On 06/10/2007 01:28 AM, Roo wrote:
> On 09/06/07, MythTV <mythtv at cvs.mythtv.org> wrote:
>> #3363: TranslateKeyPress: prefer local action over jump point's
>> Comment(by stuartm):
>>  (In [13615]) Reverts [13614] refs #3363 (Reverse order in which jumppoints
>>  and keybindings are handled)
>>  Specific fixes to handle the situations where a jumppoint should be
>>  context sensitive. E.g. The Guide jumppoint in livetv would be preferred.
>>  Please keep any discussion in the mailing list and don't re-open #3363
> I have resync to trunk and I am seeing unexpected behaviour in
> relation to the "Live TV Guide" local context and jumpoint "Program
> Guide".
> If I have the program guide jumpoint bound to "S" and the program
> guide in live tv bound to "S" as well things don't work as expected.
> * If I am in a context other than Live TV (Tv Playback) the "S" does
> jump to the expected scheduler program guide.
> * If I am watching live tv and hit the "S" I see a quick flash of the
> Live TV guide (I can see the video box show in the top right corner)
> then it jumps to the scheduler program guide instead.
> I understood the original patch to reorder the keybindings to the following:
>   High Priority: Local Bindings ->
>   Medium Prority: Global Bindings ->
>   Low Priority: Jump Points
> Upon re-reading Stuart's comment about specific fixes, does he mean
> that he has backed out the changes?

Yes.  The program guide jump point should be fixed directly by writing
code to handle the jump point more reasonably in LiveTV (i.e. by going
to the LiveTV program guide if the user is in LiveTV.  So, feel free to
write up a patch for the jumppoint.

> Is he waiting on patches to fix the specific issues of global
> jumpoints colliding with local contexts? Instead of the general "local
> overrides global" fix?

See http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/266483#266483 .

AIUI, JumpPoints will--by design--always take precedence over
keybindings.  In the event that a jumppoint does something "unexpected"
in some context, the jumppoint should be fixed.  This will ensure that
no matter where you're at, certain keys (those bound to jumppoints)
always result in the same behavior without forcing the user to verify
that no keybinding collides with a jumppoint binding.

Also, using the subcontext patch that John (and David) are working on,
you will have the ability to do the types of things most users want when
they bind the same key for use in multiple places.  So, basically, the
patch that's described in the post to which I linked will likely be
committed rather than the "prefer local keybindings" patch.


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