[mythtv] Making the state of the frontend dependant on the state of the TV/monitor?

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sat Jun 9 22:41:12 UTC 2007

> Has anyone researched or worked on controlling the state/behavior of the
> MythTV Frontend based on the state of the TV(s) it's supporting?
> My TV is currently off and my frontend process is sucking up 30% of the
> CPU time (I left on the program guide which has video previews enabled).
> It would be useful if Myth knew the TV/monitor was off and the frontend
> suspend itself.  I live in a small studio in NYC and it would be nice if
> the system would idle enough that I could have the cpufreq, fans etc
> back off (cut backs on energy usage, heat and noise).
> Anyway... other than the obvious (and kludgy) hack of have lirc listen
> for the TV on/off signal.  Has anyone looked into pulling data off a DVI
> or HDMI link to see if the TV is even on?  I don't know if either of
> these protocols even support this type of functionality.
> Thought I might ask here first.
> Thanks,
> Traff

I've done it the other way round - MythTV controls the TV set via an IR
Blaster. That way, when I hit the remote power button, Myth uses a
jump-point to get to the main menu (hence stopping any previews etc) and
it uses an IR Blaster (with 2 LEDs) to turn the TV and theatre amp off.

Simple to do as both irexec (driving the power up/down script) and MythTV
can both hook onto the same received remote code and one does the power
handling whilst the other just gets itself into a known state.

Robin Gilks

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