[mythtv] Making the state of the frontend dependant on the state of the TV/monitor?

Mike T. mike at thesandbenders.com
Sat Jun 9 19:49:43 UTC 2007

Has anyone researched or worked on controlling the state/behavior of the 
MythTV Frontend based on the state of the TV(s) it's supporting?

My TV is currently off and my frontend process is sucking up 30% of the 
CPU time (I left on the program guide which has video previews enabled). 

It would be useful if Myth knew the TV/monitor was off and the frontend 
suspend itself.  I live in a small studio in NYC and it would be nice if 
the system would idle enough that I could have the cpufreq, fans etc 
back off (cut backs on energy usage, heat and noise).

Anyway... other than the obvious (and kludgy) hack of have lirc listen 
for the TV on/off signal.  Has anyone looked into pulling data off a DVI 
or HDMI link to see if the TV is even on?  I don't know if either of 
these protocols even support this type of functionality.

Thought I might ask here first.



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