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Jean-Philippe Steinmetz caskater47 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 17:34:33 UTC 2007

> I don't read many blogs and the ones I do read differ quite a bit, so
> could
> you elaborate a bit on "bloggish", so I know what to tweak?

For me, the term "bloggish" refers to a layout design which puts all its
emphasis on a main portion of text, like an article, blog, news history,
etc. This is in contrast to breaking the material evenly across the page so
as to not give too much focus to any one part.

Finally, a question for Jean-Philippe: what happens when the users resizes
> the window, or requests a larger font?

While certain sites that use fluid layouts look great many of them break
down when you resize them to a very large monitor (such as my 24"
widescreen) and what happens is the layout completely breaks down. So unless
all the pages of a particular site contain so much information that they
could scale to the large screens without breaking down the layout (which is
incredibly rare) I do not allow for fluid layouts. The width of the design
would be fixed to best fill a screen of 1024x768 resolution (or some other
resolution, all the artwork is currently in vector form and easy to resize).
When a larger font size is requested, the boxes will not stretch
horizontally but will stretch vertically.

Do the boxes resize, where do
> scrollbars appear

 The boxes do resize. The boxes resize according to the content in them. The
difference is that the width of the boxes will be fixed just as the overall
layout will be. The boxes themselves would not contain scrollbars. I
generally disagree with sites that use that kind of concept (frames went out
of style in the 90s). The scrollbars would appear for the entire page.

(and how would these look on your gradient background?)
>         Herman

I don't believe CSS supports gradient backgrounds (yet) so this will have to
be an image. As such I see that the gradient will exist only at the top of
the box until the image runs out and then will repeat the last color for the
rest of the box. So what you will see is a gradient at the top of the box
with the bottom color moving through the rest of the box. With this approach
I imagined there would be two gradient images, one for boxes that should
take up only half the screen size, and one that takes up the entire screen
size (note screen size is not equivalent to the length of a page).

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