[mythtv] mythvideo cast/full-post patch?

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 5 12:33:28 UTC 2007

For the cast it would be very similar to the previous patch, something like 
1. Create cast in videometadata (dbcheck.cpp; up database revision)
2. Add routines to metadata.cpp to take cast info from imdb.pl and add to 
3. Add support for "cast" container in video-ui.xml; shouldn't impact 
current themes
4. Add "View cast" button in menu for views where there is currently view 

Its the extended plot I'm after, but seems I'll need to look at IMDB a 
little more closely to see if its feasible.

I'll start with a patch for the cast data.  If that goes well I can see 
about the extended plot.

Thanks for the fast response. 

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