[mythtv] mythvideo cast/full-post patch?

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Tue Jun 5 07:44:25 UTC 2007

> information and full plot info to the database for mythvideo and provide
> provisions for it to be displayed. I know that the script imdb.pl already
> retrieves the cast info, but mythvideo ignores it.

Which full plot? Currently we use the plot summary/outline, it really looks
best in the space we have. To make things more interesting there are
frequently multiple extended plot summaries (e.g. Casablanca has three).

An acceptable answer may be that all plots are desired; I would be against
several plot_n fields going in the DB. While it would be easy to add yet
another id->interim->plot mapping table, ease isn't always the best

> I would like to know if the maintainer (awithers I believe) would be
> interesting in incorporating such a patch.  If so some feedback what you
> would see so that the patch stands the best chance of svn incorporation
> would be appreciated.
The cast data being lost I've considered a minor bug, minor only because it
is neither used nor displayed. It is still a bug; people will need to
re-search to get the cast info when/if the information is used.

So, describe what you are going to do with multiple plots, and where/how the
cast info will be used.

Anduin Withers

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