[mythtv] A patch to modify videomanager

Jean Charles Passard jcharles at provectio.org
Mon Jun 4 16:39:42 UTC 2007

Anduin Withers a écrit :
>> I use mythtv for long time now, but I was annoying by the way video
>> manager browses files.
>> Then I try to modify it. I add a dir selector to browse directories.
> First, thank you for submitting a patch, it is a very good first attempt.
> The longer part below is intended exclusively as encouragement for you to
> improve your patch.
> VideoStartupDir is really a directory list; the top directory detection you
> are currently doing assumes a single directory.
> Your patch also assumes that every directory in a video tree is important
> and worth descending.
> I would have implemented the UI differently as well. Make the video manager
> use the tree control like in the browsing list mode. If the video manager
> continues to exist, it will probably go in that direction.
> A lot of work, a quicker solution would be filters. Filters are the current
> mechanism for narrowing what is shown in a VideoList. Adding a new filter
> for "in this directory" would save that sub list you build. Then you could
> reuse the current filter dialog (would be ugly) or make a new dialog to pick
> directories (though losing the QDir directory list in favor of one built
> form VideoList containing only important destinations).
> You could also keep the UI you have (but fix the right/left arrow actions
> and directory selection).
Thanks for answers, I'll try to follow your advices.
I haven't seen that VideodStartupDir is a list but, I don't see how it 
work. Is it a string with a list of path separated by a delimiter ?

I haven't seen that there is a UIListTreeType, I will look at it.

I agree with you for filter, but I haven't understand how they are 
working for the moment, I will try that too

JC Passard

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