[mythtv] A patch to modify videomanager

Anduin Withers awithers at anduin.com
Sun Jun 3 19:36:40 UTC 2007

> I use mythtv for long time now, but I was annoying by the way video
> manager browses files.
> Then I try to modify it. I add a dir selector to browse directories.

First, thank you for submitting a patch, it is a very good first attempt.
The longer part below is intended exclusively as encouragement for you to
improve your patch.

VideoStartupDir is really a directory list; the top directory detection you
are currently doing assumes a single directory.

Your patch also assumes that every directory in a video tree is important
and worth descending.

I would have implemented the UI differently as well. Make the video manager
use the tree control like in the browsing list mode. If the video manager
continues to exist, it will probably go in that direction.

A lot of work, a quicker solution would be filters. Filters are the current
mechanism for narrowing what is shown in a VideoList. Adding a new filter
for "in this directory" would save that sub list you build. Then you could
reuse the current filter dialog (would be ugly) or make a new dialog to pick
directories (though losing the QDir directory list in favor of one built
form VideoList containing only important destinations).

You could also keep the UI you have (but fix the right/left arrow actions
and directory selection).

Anduin Withers

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