[mythtv] RFC: optional MythVideo gallery view

Denys Dmytriyenko denis at denix.org
Tue Jul 24 20:33:43 UTC 2007

On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 11:32:42AM -0700, Anduin Withers wrote:
> > Speaking of which... I was thinking - can we remove "empty" directories
> > from
> > the view (either one of Gallery/List) when filtering by any parameter
> > returns
> > no files in those directories?
> It not doing that was a regression that should have been fixed by [13376],
> or am I missing what you wanted?

Oops, there was a confusion on my part - sorry for that. Apparently, filtering
only works in Browse/Gallery views and it does prune emty directories properly.
Since my default view is List, and filtering is not available for this view,
I somehow got an impression the pruning of empty directories was broken...
Anyway, this is probably a question for -user list or Wiki/trac, but what is
the reason List view lacks this filtering functionality? Thanks for any
pointers to previous discussions on this topic.


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