[mythtv] help wanted---about lirc application problem

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 23:52:27 UTC 2007

On 17/07/07, Xi Jiarong <XiJiarong at sp.edu.sg> wrote:
> I compiled MythTV on fedora core 6, and now can use hauppauge remote control
> to cotrol mythtv UI properlly.
>  However, I want to extend this lirc for external application, so I used
> irexec.c programming, but got problems:
>  I tried to use catch each pressed button code for lirc remote control, so
> as to use for some external application.
>  Now, I put lirc_client.c into folder /user/include/lirc/, and modify
> irexec.c. (this lirc_client.c is not created after compiling lirc driver? is
> this right? )
>  but I found when I ran my this program always got the following errors:
>  "
>  irexec: could not connect to socket
>  irexec: No such file or directory

Any replies to the LIRC list:

This is normally due to missing /dev/lirc and/or /dev/lirc0 devices.
Check your LIRC odules are correctly loaded, and make sure you start
irexec with a .lircrc file that exists.

>  It seems there are some problems about lirc_init();
>  Moreover, I have used #chmod 777 /dev/lircd;
>  In fact, I can use this lirc driver for mythtv and used this remote control
> properlly, but got the abover problem when trying for external application.
>  Hope to get your help:)
>  Any suggestion would be welcome!

If your question is related to MythTV development, this is the list to
ask a suitable question.

If your question is unrelated to MythTV - this seems to be the case
here - you should post your question to the LIRC list at
lirc-list at lists.sourceforge.net (which I see you already have) and not
post to the MythTV lists - and I'd also refrain from cold-emailing
users on the list for help too..

I would suggest you look through the MythTV code (and other LIRC-aware
programs like xine, mplayer and even irw from the LIRC project) and
get some understanding as to how programs interact with LIRC. This
will help you greatly when you start to write your application.


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