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Colin Guthrie mythtv at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jul 11 21:39:13 UTC 2007

Steven Adeff wrote:
> Let's use this thread to post and discuss mock-ups. This is not a
> "wish list" thread, use the wiki for that and those of us creating
> mock-ups will use that list to create our ideas. Use this thread to
> comment on the mock-up. Also, please wait for mock-ups to be posted or
> create your own instead of just adding comments like "I'd like to see
> things work this way...".

I also do not have much time for coding, but here are some of the things
that caught my eye of late:

The above link is a series of Mockup a user recently posted to the
Clutter mailing list. This appears to be his pet project and he has
written a backend and is now coding the frontend using libclutter and
the python bindings. For those of you who don't know Clutter is a nice
API for creating simple but visually rich GL apps, specifically media apps.

Elisa is a Pigment based meida player. Pigment seems to be very similar
to Clutter and some people I've spoken to recently on IRC (MacSlow
included) have mentioned that they'd like the Pigment and Clutter people
to work together for the common good. I don't think this is overly
likely however. It seems Pigment has more focus on the Python bindings
in that these appear to be the main/recommended approach to leaveraging

The above are designed to give a few thoughts on ideas rather than
anything else.

Also I recently attended part of the Akademy (KDE Dev conference). There
are some very interesting things proposed by Qt guys, specifically Zack
Rusin. He showed some really nice GL based frameworks he was working on.
I think Qt will really start to shine in it's next 4.x series
(QGraphicsView is already pretty good I am told but more is gonna come
in the future).

Also in addition to this, there was significant talk of Strigi (the KDE4
Indexing tool - think Kat, Kerry, Beagle etc. but actually good!). I
wanted to catch this lecture but missed most of it. I wanted to ask if
this was a good thing as there are so many solutions in this field, how
can we make user facing tools that will work with all backends? Well
what I did manage to catch of this was that there is now a Freedesktop
Standard for accessing search indexes!!! Woot!!


This is a mechanism to search these various indexers via DBUS.

This would meed that Tracker or Strigi could be used to index your Music
files and Xesam could be used to query it.

If there is to be a MythMusic rewrite (or reimplementation as MythTunes
perhaps?) then i think it could lead the way to building on such a
backend. I really hope that media applications will go this way - even
if it means doing work on other projects ot get there. I dream of the
day I can use Amarok, or RhythmBox or MythTunes and they all share the
same Meta database, same static playlists, and even the same dynamic
playlists (some sort of Stored Procedure but for a search index? No idea
if this exists, but it would be neat!).

Those of you who know me know this is not a new bugbear for me! So I'm
just seizing the opportunity to do exactly what Justin predicted :p

Take care



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