[mythtv] MythMusic Redux Proposals WAS: Proposed Change to MythMusic

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Wed Jul 11 19:00:46 UTC 2007

> I fear this discussion will degenerate into the mess that was the
> 'mythtv.org redesign' thread, picking apart every last nit.

Ah, well, maybe I should stay out of it then ;-)

In a back burner kind of way I've been working on a mockup of an MM 
interface as I would like it, cobbled together from ideas nicked from MS, 
Apple, etc etc. One problem is that it is a Flash mockup (as I was also 
wondering if a fully Flash-based frontend would be feasible, but I'm afraid 
I don't have enough time to work that out :-) Also, my thoughts probably 
won't fit in the GUI framework in place...

I'm an album listener, so not many ideas on playlists etc. How often to 
people browse MM for tracks to be added to playlists there and then? Given 
(lots) more smart playlists, browsing these could be similar to browsing 
albums, as they would share characteristics etc.?

Anyway, maybe turn up that burner a bit more :-)


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