[mythtv] Ticket #3303: Mythweb Weather throws error when MSNBC unavailable

Bill level42 at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 6 00:57:14 UTC 2007

>> Can't accept this. Pretty sure that TWC logo use conflicts with GPL
>> anti-copyright, and mythweb/mythtv don't have the rights to use
>> weather.com xmloap services.
I would suggest that the mythtv dev team contact weather.com to see if the 
weather.com services can be used for mythtv.  Mediaportal uses weather.com 
and has a partner id hard coded.  If the mythtv dev team can get a partner 
id and key from weather.com for everyone use, that would be ideal. 
Otherwise, the partner id and key could be a setting that every user must 
enter.  I've applied and got my own id and key, its not too much trouble. 
However, the terms of use for weather.com require their weather icons to be 
used and the weather.com logo to be displayed.  I understand your concern on 
GPL.   However, the weather maps shown in mythweb weather and mythweather 
already shown the weather.com logo.  The difference is that the logo is 
downloaded with the image compared to my patch which must include the logo 
with mythweb to comply with the weather.com terms.  Maybe there is a clever 
way to download the logo everytime the weather is displayed instead of 
including it in mythweb.

>>Plus, the patches are full of ugly 8-space tab characters.
That can be fixed. Must admit I've stopped using tabs, cause not all my 
computers agree how to interpret them, making ugly formating, this seems to 
be the case for you.

>>MythWeb will be updated as soon as MythWeather itself is.
Waiting for Mythweather won't solve the problem, right now there is no 
solution for international mythtv users.  Mythweather-revamp has scripts to 
grab weather from NWS in the US, unfortunately this does not help for 
international Mythtv users such as myself.  Weather.com seems to be the only 
option for international users.  A script has been attached to Ticket 3337 
which adds weather.com as a source for mythweather-revamp.  As I said I 
suggest the mythtv dev team contact weather.com to see if mythtv can use 
their services.
The only other option would be a script to scrape the html code from msnbc, 
as is done in the weather code for gbpvr.  The disadvantage is that if the 
web page format changes, then the code will be broken. This is not the case 
for weather.com.  If weather.com is not a viable solution (ie. GPL), then I 
can make a patch for msnbc html scrape, but wouldn't be able to do this for 
a month or so.

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