[mythtv] Proposal for Zap2It labs

Rob Smith kormoc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 17:57:40 UTC 2007

On 7/5/07, Michael M. Wasser <Michael.Wasser at bluenodes.com> wrote:
> Why get this complex at all?  Zap2It could include the errors in every
> copy sent to 'home' users.  All Zap2It needs is to be able to identify
> that a particular party is misusing their data.  Why would Zap2It need
> to know the username they used to gain access to this data?  In the
> example with the oil company road maps article, Ordnance Survey only had
> to show that Automobile Association (AA) copied the maps -- not show how
> AA acquired them.
> Michael Wasser

Everyone in this thread is just assuming that the issue is with one
account being used multiple times. One historic issue was with people
selling pre-setup boxes with different accounts, but the real end user
never filled out the serveys, the company that sold the unit did that,
thus the survey data was tainted. There's more then one way for their
TOS to be broken.

And really, why should zap2it bother to do all this work? The
community isn't playing fair, and having them do all this only leads
to a arms race that never ends. Not so hot.

Also, this thread should be posted in the labs.zap2it forums, not on
here, as we have no input with what they choose to do or not do. This
thread shouldn't be here at all.


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