[mythtv] mythtv multirec dvb-s test (works)

Erez D erez0001 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 08:06:09 UTC 2007


i just tried mythtv-multirec r13823
using Skystar2 DVB-S pci

my results:

first: generally it works, great work. thanks !

more detailed:

here is what i tried and succeded:
1. record 2 channels on the same multiplex at the same time
2. record 1 and watch 1
3. record 1, then switch to live tv and watch the same one

1. backend segmentation faults when switching between channels which are not
on the same multiplex while in live tv.
2. pressing 'r' for record while in live-tv recorded the program, but i was
unable to switch channels. (exiting and entering live-tv again fixed that
3. mythtv-multirec seems to miss some include files - i was unable to
compile some of svn's mythplugins (mythmusic and mytharchive) with it  (i
was able however if i took the svn mythtv instead of mythtv-multirec branch)

other than 'max recording' field in mythtv-setup, i didn't see any interface
i heard about recording groups. how do i access them ?
if via mysql, then what table, what format ?

thanks again.
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