[mythtv] Proposal for Zap2It labs

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Wed Jul 4 23:01:32 UTC 2007

Justin Moore writes:

> My understanding is that Zap2It is discontinuing the free listings
> because some "home" users were using the data for money-making purposes.
> Assuming they saw their listings being used, why not use an old
> cartographer's trick; introduce subtle errors into the data for each
> customer and when you see another set of listings, figure out which
> "home" customer is leaking the data.  See
> http://www.ianbyrne.free-online.co.uk/special/errors.htm
> This would help Zap2It track down the ones leaking their listings, allow
> us TOS-abiding users to keep our listings, and generally keep everyone
> happy.  Obviously there are more details to work out, but this general
> approach could be feasible.

… until the abuser opens two accounts, and easily identifies, and 
eliminates, the trivial differences between the two sets of listings,

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