[mythtv] Listings concept idea

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Jul 3 06:16:36 UTC 2007

On 7/3/07, Tony Maro <tonymaro at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've read over the posts regarding grabbing listings, and I understand
> some things are "under way" perhaps, however I had an epiphany and wondered
> if anyone had thought of this...
> Why in the world would we want to download every listing for every channel
> available.  What a huge waste of bandwidth that is!  99.9% of those
> downloads go completely wasted.  Personally I don't use Myth to watch live
> TV though I know some people do.  Even so, I don't care what's on 90% of the
> channels, and I don't care what's on any channel 90% of the time.  What I do
> want is for my chosen programs to record.
> For instance, say I have scheduled 15 series to record on various repeat
> cycles.  Why would I not download just the upcoming listings for those
> programs automatically?  For someone browsing the listings, the on-screen
> listings display would download listings from the Internet as you browse it,
> just like your digital cable box does.  It could cache that data as you view
> it.  Each night the auto-updates would run a search for each title you've
> scheduled to record and update those listings in the database individually.
> For a web scraper, it would reduce the number of downloads which would
> greatly reduce the impact on the web host.  For an XML service replacement
> for Zap2it, it reduces the host bandwidth needs and the worst case scenario
> is a slight delay when viewing the scheduler for all channels.
> Our current process is like having Google Maps download every street for
> every country in the world, instead of just the area you care about.  Okay
> that's an exaggeration, but you get my point.

Not everyone has their Myth boxes connected to the net 24x7.  Just sayin.
The problem ultimately isn't the distribution of the content, we have
multiple ways to do that and any concerns about bandwidth are generally
mislead given the state of hosting services these days.  The problem is
getting the content itself...

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