[mythtv] Whats the deal with usability

Attila Nagy nagy.attila.gabor at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 11:06:05 UTC 2007

> What are the main issues (wholistically) that prevent myth being deployed
> smoothly and easily.

I've setup my box about a month ago, and based on my experiences the
configuration of mythtv is not difficult. Whoever it took me about
8-10 days to complete, because of the following reasons:

 - finding the right hardware, installing the base system (debian
linux, unstable), kompiling the kernel with all the necessary modules
 - Setting up the tuner card driver (ivtv) right. This took me about
1-2 days to have everything work well
 - Setting up the remote controller with lirc - this took even more, I
had some conflicts, had to recompile the kernel a few more times again
 - Setting up the xmltv grabber (it could work simply, but my grabber
had a bug that I had to fix to grab the full description also)

But mythtv worked out of the box (well from the
www.debian-multimedia.org box :), all the configuration I could
achieve through the interactive menus, and the mythweb plugin.

Nagy Attila Gabor
nagy.attila.gabor at gmail.com

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