[mythtv] Whats the deal with usability

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Jan 16 14:56:30 UTC 2007

Imran K wrote:
> This message is intended to be constuctive and light hearted.
> I am a linux/networking junkie who has tried most distro's on the 
> market and hacked up a few HDTV boxes.
> As yet, I am yet to try Myth personally. Mased on the several articles 
> I have read, Myth is not easy to deploy and configure.
> What are the main issues (wholistically) that prevent myth being 
> deployed smoothly and easily.
> Some ideas;
>             Hardware Compatibility
>                  -drivers
>                  -various formats and standards
>             User Skill Level
>                  -is Myth intended for skilled user only and many
>             Platform Maturity
>                  -is the platform (various softs used) not muture 
> enough to stably provide what is needed.
>            Hardware Maturity
>           (as above)
> I'm interested to see what you chaps who are in the trenches have to 
> say about this?
>  people do not have the required skillsets
My thoughts are that if you have the right hardware for the job (which 
you get automatically with Tivo, etc. but you have to research a little 
for Myth), that you can get a Myth system set up in a matter of hours.  
With two distro based installers and the other packages based as well as 
compiling from source, there are options for the least to most 
sophisticated users.

I feel that most people fall flat because they chose or use hardware 
that does not work out of the box with Linux and therefore they run into 


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