[mythtv] patch application nudge?

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Jan 14 23:30:12 UTC 2007

Hi all,

   I just wanted to give a few patches a polite nudge...


One of the Australian data providers (tvguide.org.au) was (and is)  
having load spikes at some popular grabber-running times.  This  
ticket has a small patch to randomise the grab time within the  
specified range.  There has already been discussion about the patch,  
and a new version is attached to the ticket incorporating the some of  
those suggestions.  There was a whole thread with other suggestions  
about how things could be improved, unfortunately it fizzled out  
without concrete suggestions that were better that my proposed patch.

This patch was designed to solve a real problem.  Can it please be  
applied before the next release?  If people then want to improve  
things from there, that's great!


This is the softpad ticket.  It was made clear that the softpad  
branch wasn't going to be merged into trunk.  A bunch of people have  
been maintaining their own version of this.  The main issue is a  
small change to the Myth protocol - this generates conflicts any time  
an unrelated protocol change is made.  There was discussion in the  
last thread on this topic about committing the protocol changes as  
stubs, without the problematic scheduler changes.  That would allow  
easy use of the scheduling patch without common conflicts on updates.

That commit of protocol changes hasn't happened, so I've prepared a  
patch with up-to-date changes and added it to the ticket.  All it  
needs is someone to commit it...

Both of these patches have been around for a while (although perhaps  
not in the cleaned up form that applies to a recent revision).  Is  
there any chance of getting them applied soon?

Be well,

Will        :-}

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