[mythtv] Remote controller but not with LIRC

Mariusz Kruk kruk at epsilon.eu.org
Thu Jan 11 13:47:54 UTC 2007

On czw, 2007-01-11 at 22:51 +1000, buzz wrote:
> just an idea, but maybe you could use the network support of lircd
> with the command:
> lircd --listen
> and then build a custom app that sends the lircd server commands (at
> port 8765) much like The --connect option for lircd does (it allows
> you to link two lircd install together).   I guess if you want to know
> the protocol, then you could either read the lircd source code where
> it uses the --connect, or packet sniff your own communications?
> doing it this way means that you don't need to modify mythtv, and you
> don't need to modify lircd.  wouldn't be too hard, I'd think.
> A second option would be to write a wrapper around the command
> 'irxevent' (from the lirc package) to insert keystrokes into the X
> server, and avoid using the lirc support in myth and lircd entirely -
> but then you are limited to whatever keystrokes are mapped to the
> keyboard.

This idea, as well as Mark Weaver's are both based on lirc, and lirc
AFAIK supports only "button-type" events while I have faders in the
controller I wish to use (could be useful for setting volume/brightness
and similar controls).

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