[mythtv] No Seektable?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Feb 27 02:58:44 UTC 2007

On 02/26/2007 01:22 AM, Kristian Kalweit wrote:
> Michael T. Dean schrieb:
>> TRUNCATE TABLE recordedseek;
>> will tell you all you need to know...
>> Oh, and these are questions better suited to mythtv-users.
> Do you want to be Mr. Cool, or what? You can't judge other peoples 
> behaviour, if you post crap like this.
> Not funny. This will be archived and people will find this wonderful 
> hint by searching the ml archive!

I wasn't trying to be funny.  I was perfectly serious.  Truncating the 
recordedseek table will explain exactly why that table is useful.  
Besides, in context (i.e. before you cut out the OP's message), it was 
pretty clear that following the suggestion would cause problems--after 
all, you figured it out.

Oh, and if anyone who is unwittingly executing SQL statements from 
random posts on the archives happens to execute the SQL I posted, I'll 
be happy to explain to them how to re-create the seektable.  After all, 
I explain how to do it all the time to those who have been running with 
corrupt recorded{markup,seek} tables.  It's not like I posted the SQL to 
drop the database.

And to anyone who's not sure about the concept:  executing SQL 
statements on archived posts is NEVER a good idea.  Executing SQL 
statements whose effect you don't understand is ALWAYS a bad idea.  
After all, that's why mythfrontend has a nice pretty GUI--to allow users 
to do those things they need to do without having to resort to a 
low-level user-hostile interface mechanism.  Most every post that 
recommends executing some SQL statement does so because the poster 
didn't take the time to learn to use the mythfrontend or mythtv-setup 
interface properly or because the poster feels that writing SQL makes 
him/her look smart.  The few cases where the SQL is necessary tend to be 
posts on the -dev list where a developer is working with a user to 
identify or fix a bug or to test changes before implementing some new 
functionality (which will have a nice UI once complete).  And those SQL 
statements are no longer required once the bug is fixed or the new 
functionality has been implemented:  the SQL is only necessary for a 
short time and not for general usage.


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