[mythtv] Need some help to start writing eit-fixup (dvb-c netherlands)

Stuart Auchterlonie stuarta at squashedfrog.net
Mon Feb 12 13:34:29 UTC 2007

Peter Martens wrote:
> Hi
> After doing quite a few translation-jobs for mythtv in the past, I
> want to get a step closer to coding right now. I want to write some
> fixup rules to clean up the eit information we are getting here in the
> Netherlands (TVHome, dvb-c).
> Without fixup rules, guide data are quite useless. Only the title is
> accurate, subtitle and description contain all the other data.
> Dvbsnoop tells me I am getting 4 kinds of descriptors:
> - short_event_descriptor: which contains event_name (title of the
> program, which is OK) and text_char (which is the beginning of the
> rest of the info, gets cut of somewhere in the middle)
> - extended_event_descriptor (sometimes 2 or 3): which contain the rest
> of the inf(text).
> - content_descriptor: which contains the categorie (not accurate)
> - parental_rating_descriptor: which contains a rating

Of these Myth uses the short_event_descriptor & 
extended_event_descriptor. I'd be interested in seeing a copy
of your dvbsnoop logs for reference. (email me this privately)

> Can someone please give me some guidelines on how to start. I already
> know I have to write some regexps (I already started with that). I am
> fairly new to c++, but learning. In other words, I am looking for some
> kind of a tutor, who can get me started with this (which will be a
> rewarding task).
> But... all tips are welcome!

You should start in eitfixup.[cpp|h]
This is where all the fixup routines live.
You will need to determine the NetworkID for your provider and use
that to trigger the fixup.
Looks at some of the existing routines for inspiration.
The UK fixup is used to build good title / subtitle & description
data from just a title & description.

I'm normally on IRC in #mythtv on freenode if you have questions.


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