[mythtv] Need some help to start writing eit-fixup (dvb-c netherlands)

Peter Martens petermartens.list at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 19:26:51 UTC 2007


After doing quite a few translation-jobs for mythtv in the past, I
want to get a step closer to coding right now. I want to write some
fixup rules to clean up the eit information we are getting here in the
Netherlands (TVHome, dvb-c).
Without fixup rules, guide data are quite useless. Only the title is
accurate, subtitle and description contain all the other data.

Dvbsnoop tells me I am getting 4 kinds of descriptors:
- short_event_descriptor: which contains event_name (title of the
program, which is OK) and text_char (which is the beginning of the
rest of the info, gets cut of somewhere in the middle)
- extended_event_descriptor (sometimes 2 or 3): which contain the rest
of the inf(text).
- content_descriptor: which contains the categorie (not accurate)
- parental_rating_descriptor: which contains a rating

Can someone please give me some guidelines on how to start. I already
know I have to write some regexps (I already started with that). I am
fairly new to c++, but learning. In other words, I am looking for some
kind of a tutor, who can get me started with this (which will be a
rewarding task).
But... all tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance


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