[mythtv] Request: MythHelp

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Feb 8 15:23:57 UTC 2007

Tom Lichti wrote:
> R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> Steven Ellis wrote:
>>> Sadly here in NZ there is hardly a large number of quality remote
>>> controls to choose from. Plus we don't sell enough units to get a custom
>>> remote or even import them from the US or elsewhere. But I am always on
>>> the look out for a better unit, especially as the only ones I can get
>>> have a Windows home key on them.
>>>>> Second not all of the plugins provide help.
>> Surely you can obtain the Silverstone series of cases. Various versions 
>>   have a builtin IR receiver+ VFD display and come with a matching 
>> remote. The only real problem is deciding which key to bind to which 
>> command.
>> I was looking at a Sony RMVL600 universal remote, but NOT ENOUGH KEYS.
> Geoff, try the Sony RMVL1000, if you can find it. I love mine.
> Tom

That model must be a discontinued one. I cannot find it at the sony 
online store, nor for that matter, online anywhere. What does it look 
like, and what new model is it closest to?

Then again there is this drool-factor remote:



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