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Paul Catchpole paul at paulcatchpole.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 07:30:15 UTC 2007


I use a Sky Navigator remote with Myth. I admit, I'm not thrilled that it
says 'Sky' on it, but beyond that, it does at least flip open to reveal a
full keyboard... 


I got my ones rather cheaply from Ebay...


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R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Steven Ellis wrote:
>> Sadly here in NZ there is hardly a large number of quality remote
>> controls to choose from. Plus we don't sell enough units to get a custom
>> remote or even import them from the US or elsewhere. But I am always on
>> the look out for a better unit, especially as the only ones I can get
>> have a Windows home key on them.
>>>> Second not all of the plugins provide help.
> Surely you can obtain the Silverstone series of cases. Various versions 
>   have a builtin IR receiver+ VFD display and come with a matching 
> remote. The only real problem is deciding which key to bind to which 
> command.
> I was looking at a Sony RMVL600 universal remote, but NOT ENOUGH KEYS.
Geoff, try the Sony RMVL1000, if you can find it. I love mine.


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