[mythtv] Building without X dependancies...

richard at mawson.org.uk richard at mawson.org.uk
Thu Feb 8 14:53:07 UTC 2007

On Wed, Feb 07, 2007 at 08:49:24AM +1100, Nigel Pearson wrote:
> > Thanks for the suggestion Nigel, but having changed all those
> > references it does the same. Running mythfrontend:
> >
> > mythfrontend: cannot connect to X server
> OK. My next guess is that Qt is doing that.
> mythfrontend -v all should give you an idea
> of how early it is happening in the app.
> You may need to build a Qt for framebuffer
> devices and not X11. I did this once in 2003.

I believe you are right. I will do this when I get time, certainly the
qt library is using X11.

> > Perhaps I don't understand the capabilities though. Should mythtv be
> > able to display ALL its menus as well as live tv and recordings direct
> > on a PVR-350 framebuffer device without X installed or being  
> > redirected
> > to another X server?
> Theoretically? Yes. Have I ever succeeded? No

Is anyone out there playing with mythfrontend in xen DomU? I can't
believe I'm the only one... It would be nice to know this isn't
completely untrodden ground...
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